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Destination Joy by Linda

This simple and powerful guidebook will inspire you to

seek a new destination of joy and understanding for your

spiritual quest and to just feel good about everyday life. 

Come along on this most fun journey and learn how to

be and have all you want in your life. The teachings in

this guidebook will set you on an exciting course for a

fulfilling adventure and assist you to create a joyous life.

- Linda L. Fallucca, PH.D. MSC.D.


"This book tells the reader things they probably deep

down already know but have been avoiding or not facing

up to. However, Linda says it in such a way that it really

makes people change their thinking and their lives for the

better. It's a book that the reader will go back to time and

again. I found myself doing that. It is a beautiful book, very well written

and every detail has been addressed, yet it is easy to read and has a nice flow to it."

- Mary Stanke, President, Blublocker Corp.


" I just completed reading your book! Congratulations - it was wonderful! Just wanted to share my thoughts with you. I thought the book was very well written, it flowed smoothly, very understandable and it flowed logically. For people new to the subject, sometimes it is difficult to grasp the concepts or to put it all together in a way that is understandable and your book does that - I wish something like this was around 10 or so years ago when I became aware of Abraham, for awhile, I was struggling and this would have made it all clear for me. The book is needed and the timing is right. Thank you, looking forward to your next one. love N Light,"

- Judy Seilter, Barrington, IL






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"Hi Linda, The book arrived this morning, Thank you kindly.

I have sat in the sun and enjoyed reading it. It is so brilliantly written, it makes it so easy to take in. Funnily,Ginny this weekend expressed a desire to connect with Abraham's teachings, I know this will really help her. I feel it is the best guide book out there to get the message across in a reader friendly

way - well done!!! Much love as always,"

                         - Anthony Jaffe, London, England


 Linda Fallucca has a powerful innate intuitive ability. This                 guidebook incorporates her expert understanding to lead you to

a more joyous life. Linda's lifetime experience with non-physical energy and her alignment with the purity of the Abraham-Hicks teachings can assist you in applying them to your everyday life.


                       By reading this material, you can learn:

  • How to recognize what energies to align with and

  • understand that what you think and feel is what you create in your life experience

  • That you attract by the energy vibrations you send out and you can shift them

  • That you can create a most joyous, healthy and abundant life

  • How to listen to our "inner guidance"

  • That once you find harmony within you, then everything in your world will all fall into place

  • That appreciation is your greatest tool and

  • That the power of unconditional love enhances your own experience as well as those around you



Through teaching, lecturing and personal development counseling, Linda Fallucca has dedicated her career to guiding others toward achieving a happier and more fulfilling life. She is regarded as an expert in the field of life transformation and energy-vibration awareness. You can achieve your desires, too, by following the simple teachings outlined in this guidebook.

$13.95 plus shipping

To Order Call 847-272-9465

One Day I Left You by Sandra

One Day I Left You by Sandra DeVito Hauser is a loving book that assists you through your grief and lets you know there is no end. Linda

After experiencing deep personal loss of loved ones, I developed a NEW type of condolence Booklet. It’s an uplifting message from your loved one’s point of view. If you believe they are are still close to you in spirit, then this is for you. The beautiful images enhance the poem to lift your spirits and help you feel surrounded by their love.

It was designed to appeal to anyone, of any age, race, or religion. It could also be a helpful tool for children to understand the loss of someone dear to them in a visual way. Grieving is hard work, and I hope this booklet will give you or those near to you some moments of peace.

I hope you find it’s more than a card, it’s a keepsake.

For more information, visit my website :


Sandra DeVito Hauser

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