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about Linda


Linda Fallucca, Ph.D., Msc.D, through teaching, lecturing and personal development counseling, has dedicated the past 45 years to guiding others toward achieving a happier and more fulfilling life.  She is regarded as an expert in the field of life transformation and energy-vibration awareness.  Throughout her many years in practice, a multitude of clients, with her assistance in both private and group sessions, have learned how to tap into their own potential and personal powers, allowing the fullness of who they are to flow. 




Linda has a powerful innate intuitive ability.  She has an awareness and wise knowledge of Universal energies, allowing her to tune into a person's vibrations, to gently guide them toward new insights with a new perspective in which they can create their own blissful future. 

Linda's lifetime experience with non-physical energy and her alignment with the purity of the Abraham-Hicks teaching can assist you in applying it to your everyday life.

Linda Fallucca, Ph.D., Msc.D




in advance, what energies to align with and understand 

that what you think and feel is what you create in your

life experience.



the energy vibrations you send out, and how to shift them.



a most joyous, healthy and abundant life 



to your own "inner-guidance".








the harmony within you, then everything in your world will 

fall in place.



the power of “unconditional love” in your own experience

as well as those around you.



is your greatest tool.


With her guidance you can learn to:

Northbrook, IL    847-272-9465
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