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Your Power
        is in Your Feeling

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Destination Joy by Linda Fallucca

This is a powerful and concise guidebook that will inspire you to seek a new destination of joy and create for you an understanding of your own spiritual quest. Your desire to feel good everyday will be the manifestation of your creation.

   Come along on this joyful journey as you learn how to tap into the power within yourself to achieve all you want in your life. The teachings in this guidebook will set you on an exciting course for fulfilling adventures and assist you to create a joyous journey.   The joy is in the journey! 

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"You have the power within you...

to be, to do, to have  
whatever you desire."


                         –Linda Fallucca

Linda Fallucca, Ph.D., Msc.D

 Northbrook, IL    847-272-9465
© Copyright 2015-2018 Linda Fallucca

Linda Fallucca © 2015

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